Tuition (scholarship information below)

Individual lessons:

$38.50 for 30 minutes

$50 for 45 minutes

$65 for 1 hour

If you pay by the semester (I:  SEP-DEC, II:  JAN-MAY), you may deduct 5% of the total semester cost from your check each semester as it saves me time doing bookkeeping, and amounts to about one free lesson. This is completely optional.

Payment of fees is due on the first regularly scheduled lesson of the month. I do offer scholarships upon request and are awarded based on fulfilling specific practice expectations.

It is helpful to have a running account for materials. $150/student per year paid in the summer pays for most of your festival fees and new books as needed for the following school year. It is much easier to deduct Sonatina Festival fees, new theory books as we go, etc. than to ask for small checks of reimbursement repeatedly throughout the year. Parents and students are welcome to view, verify and audit their accounting sheet located at all times in your Inbox. Any amount remaining at termination of lessons will be refunded to you.