Welcome to the Clive Piano Studio!

I specialize in students who have a real passion for the piano. Focus is on excellence rather than competence. Weekly private lessons as well as monthly group classes are the core of the program. 

My main areas of emphasis include learning good practice techniques and habits, developing superior notereading skills, learning and refining a natural and relaxed technique and tone through scales, chords, arpeggios and etudes, theory, as well as the refinement and polish of pieces through musicianship and performance skills.

Families may choose from a variety of activities to participate in throughout the year, including Sonatina Competition, Fall Festival, Monster Concert, Certificate of Achievement, Gold Cup "Spring" Festival, and other competitions. Students are required to participate in our 2 annual recitals. Students also share a newly learned piece every month for their classmates in group class. Teaching continues throughout the summer.

 Why piano?

The remarkable set of skills music study and music making teach last a lifetime. And these benefits are applicable to every student, not just those who are gifted or those who want to go into the music profession. An overview of some of these skills might include the following:

  1. Perception and refinement of aural, visual, and tactile information
  2. Virtuosity in abstract, conceptual thinking
  3. Ability to program and develop physical responses
  4. Expression of emotion and attention to balance and individual identity
  5. Dealing with the preparation, disappointment, and triumph of performance

Taken in its totality, the package is unbelievably powerful, so much so in fact, that it has virtually no competition in any other academic discipline or human endeavor. The benefits begin from the first lesson and continue working through every musical experience in the student's life.